The Habit of Permission

The Ultimate Procrastination Buster

Hello! Taylor Here! Welcome to another episode of Creative Habits!

Today we’re looking at Permission because that’s a really BIG factor for many people wanting to create more regularly, or just Start to create. This is for Art Supply Collectors in particular, and people who’ve fallen off their creative path. Those people that love beautiful things, see potential in an object, really want to work on a specific or non-specific project – the person motivated enough to buy all the stuff and then put it away for when they “have time”. The housekeeping, the job, the others in the house, “life responsibilities” are always a higher priority, always ahead of the “frivolity” of making something. These people may be very tense and life may feel very challenging.

I was once That Person. Ironically, for all the “priorities” like housekeeping, I didn’t have an organized house and of course that just gave me Guilt…and Shame and I became more and more entrenched in denying myself permission to create. I was somewhat miserable. Now that I have a regular practice of sorts and have complete Permission to create, I feel significantly better and my house is cleaner – who’d have thunk it!

Studies have shown (search the subject) that being creative, having “Flow” time, and tending to one’s interests greatly enhances our lives, and by association, the lives of those around us. Play isn’t just for kids. Engaging in creative efforts builds overall life skills and teaches us to apply creativity and problem-solving to all the areas of our lives if we open ourselves up to it. Solid transferable skills – even improving our work performance.

Every workplace has That One Person that decorates the bejeebers out of their workspace – often to the chagrin of coworkers. That person is usually significantly happier – until the buzzkills throw all the shade their way. They gave themselves Permission to create a space that soothes their soul (they may also completely hate their job and this outlet keeps them showing up each day). The point here is that Permission to express ourselves isn’t something we get from the external world, it’s something we give ourselves – or allow ourselves to be given from the external world, be it a boss, parent, child, partner, friend, IG influencer, whatever. Time to take that back, and if doing that is too painful… I’m a pro, right? So by the power vested in me, I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE UP ALLL YOUR ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES! If, for no other reason, than to enable you to feel better in general.

Think about it, when we deny ourselves permission to create or use supplies (use that soap or burn that candle), as if they will never exist again after they’re transformed into something wonderful, and we physically feel it in our bodies. Our brain spews ickyness, and we believe it because it really is trying to protect us, and then we feel like crap – then we share the crap and it shows in every part of our lives. I challenge you to have a conversation with your brain. Stand up tall, perhaps hold an item of “shame or guilt” from your stash of cool stuff you want to use and say “Hey, brain, well bless your heart, I know you want to protect me from <<insert all the reasons here>>, but I bought or want to buy all these great things to make something wonderful and since I am actually the boss here, we’re going for it.” How does that feel in your body? Silly maybe? Great! That’s progress! Keep talking to your brain while standing tall and remembering the joy this item brought you when you bought it. At some point, usually sooner than you’d think, your brain obeys and there’s no more YUCK.

Schedule it!

If you have time to watch 1-5 hours of TV or internet media every night or scroll through social media, You Have TIME to make something and feed your heart and soul! It doesn’t have to be hours and hours, it can be 10 minutes – then you’ll be on a roll and get hooked. It doesn’t have to be “original” or Spectacular – a coloring page can do the trick! You know those cool markers you bought and buried in the junk drawer? In the same breath I have to say, Don’t neglect others or stay up too late – that causes other problems, feeds the brain’s “See, you’re selfish”, and then guilt – but decide to regularly, without fail, as if it were a real appointment of importance, set a time to create and play. You Have My Permission.

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Money Mindset


Why do you do what you do? Why do you WANT to create, heal, serve?

This is a question that Every Single Self Improvement and Business Improvement book, website, podcast asks people to ponder. WHY is that? As you will learn, if you haven’t already heard, WHYs are more important than HOWs and WHYs overcome the biggest most complicated HOW every time.

Answering WHY requires ABSOLUTE CLARITY WITHOUT DOUBT. You can’t fudge here. If your brain only has a fuzzy sorta kinda gist of an idea, well, that’s the result you’ll get and you won’t know WHY you got less than stellar results. It’s the ultimate GIGO scenario – Garbage In Garbage Out – for those that might not know that vintage term. This is part of the Vision Board exercise so many people do. WHY don’t vision boards Always work? Because people treat them more like FANTASY Boards and even though everything is brilliant, bright, up close and in your space and face, you don’t really believe you can have those things – because you’re lacking Immersive Clarity. They can also be super cluttered and overwhelming for the brain to process daily – your brain might only grab a couple images to engage. On the plus you might get some results in those areas that engage your brain, maybe superficially and maybe full-scale.


Immersion involves full sensory experience clearly imagined – remember that your brain doesn’t differentiate between actual events and deeply imagined events – probably how a stalker’s brain get convinced a stranger loves them. That’s actually not an extreme example, rather than focus on a person, focus that deeply on your WHY based on your deeply immersive experience of your OUTCOME/goal. Don’t worry about the HOW.

So, today’s challenge to you is to get very clear on your WHYs around creating, healing and/or serving. Go 7-layers and at that last layer – get immersive.

Let me know what you found!


Go Play Today!

“Play” has historically been underrated, but I think that “younger people” have embraced play consciously and unconsciously in their everyday lives. Play can be found in ALL the social media posts, from kitten/puppy videos to travel photography and DIY posts. Play gives us a hit of all the good chemicals and when applied properly can open our minds to being creative, in flow and in a state of relaxation.

The most effective play is IRL (In Real Life), in a tangible, interactive, engaging way. Video games and observing social media, for our purposes, don’t count. The brain shows up in a very different way when physical activity is added to a process. It retains more, it is able to be more creative and problem solve in more global ways than in passive receive input ways.

How can you play today to fully immerse your body and brain, and whatever else you have going on? Some “productive” and whimsical ways are listed below.

Pick an activity where you get to interact with the physical world. Photography counts, building a city with blocks counts, using action figures or dolls to create a story counts, painting on any object counts, and I’ll admit that creating with a graphics or coding program does count. Any activity that has an idea behind it that requires working through a process, hitting a wall of WTH, overcoming the WTH, and arriving at a result – for better or worse – Do NOT judge the result will get those creative juices flowing.

Playing a IRL game alone or with others definitely counts as play. Spreading out on a patch of grass and watching clouds drift by counts, especially if your brain finds unicorns and lions and tigers and bears in those clouds. Make a chain of daisies, do stuff you did when you were a kid – mud pies, vintage toys, whatever.

Although IRL fully immersed is most effective, theoretically, if for some reason you’re unable to get physical, you CAN sit and immerse yourself in a memory of play – remembering smells, season, temperature, colors, tactile sensations – and your brain won’t really know the difference. These memories can become inspiration or a happy place to revisit when needed.

So how will you go play today?


Overcoming Procrastination

In A Nutshell: procrastination is your imagination on assumption overdrive.

Some of the “excuses” include, but are not limited to:

Fear of Success – at least this is an optimistic thought. It assumes you’re Absolutely Awesome! Ironically, this thought can be perceived as fear to deliver, fear of inadequacy and NOT being good enough. Either way, Get Over Yourself – chances are you, just like me, do not poop gold so don’t need to worry about not living up to our initial success – we haven’t done anything yet. Although your brain may actually feel like you have because you’ve imagined, clearly enough the result, although not likely the process.

Not having enough resources – time, money, space. Serious lies here, really, I kid you not. If you have the following you can accomplish a result: 10-20+ minutes a day (stop surfing the socials, watching crap TV/Internet streams – if you have HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY for that junk YOU HAVE TIME). Money – if there’s a dollar store, thrift store, garage/tag/estate sale, flea market, free junk pickup day, freecycle, nextdoor, patch, random found stuff during a walk, monetary need is negligible – force yourself to use what’s at hand instead of insisting on the best of the best if you haven’t gained skills. That said, as you learn, quality of material will matter, but not so much at the beginning. Space – If you can carve out a 12″ pizza box size area, and store your supplies in the same pizza box, you have space. Most beginner and even some intermediate projects do not have to be epic in scale, we’re not carving Athena or David after all – you wouldn’t be here if you were.

Lack of inspiration: Inspiration is everywhere – all the images, videos, music, art, tutorials online, a walk around the neighborhood, a visit to a garden, hike in nature, convo with a friend, interview with artists, old projects needing to be finished – finish one or all for a boost in confidence and inspiration, as well as honing skills. Randomly pick a color and gather or create objects in that color and make some random object. You don’t have to keep it, it’s just to get the juices flowing.

This is a small list, but I’m pretty sure it’s an effective list if you tough love yourself and step it up. So, THERE, procrastination be GONE!