Money Mindset


Why do you do what you do? Why do you WANT to create, heal, serve?

This is a question that Every Single Self Improvement and Business Improvement book, website, podcast asks people to ponder. WHY is that? As you will learn, if you haven’t already heard, WHYs are more important than HOWs and WHYs overcome the biggest most complicated HOW every time.

Answering WHY requires ABSOLUTE CLARITY WITHOUT DOUBT. You can’t fudge here. If your brain only has a fuzzy sorta kinda gist of an idea, well, that’s the result you’ll get and you won’t know WHY you got less than stellar results. It’s the ultimate GIGO scenario – Garbage In Garbage Out – for those that might not know that vintage term. This is part of the Vision Board exercise so many people do. WHY don’t vision boards Always work? Because people treat them more like FANTASY Boards and even though everything is brilliant, bright, up close and in your space and face, you don’t really believe you can have those things – because you’re lacking Immersive Clarity. They can also be super cluttered and overwhelming for the brain to process daily – your brain might only grab a couple images to engage. On the plus you might get some results in those areas that engage your brain, maybe superficially and maybe full-scale.


Immersion involves full sensory experience clearly imagined – remember that your brain doesn’t differentiate between actual events and deeply imagined events – probably how a stalker’s brain get convinced a stranger loves them. That’s actually not an extreme example, rather than focus on a person, focus that deeply on your WHY based on your deeply immersive experience of your OUTCOME/goal. Don’t worry about the HOW.

So, today’s challenge to you is to get very clear on your WHYs around creating, healing and/or serving. Go 7-layers and at that last layer – get immersive.

Let me know what you found!