Overcoming Procrastination

In A Nutshell: procrastination is your imagination on assumption overdrive.

Some of the “excuses” include, but are not limited to:

Fear of Success – at least this is an optimistic thought. It assumes you’re Absolutely Awesome! Ironically, this thought can be perceived as fear to deliver, fear of inadequacy and NOT being good enough. Either way, Get Over Yourself – chances are you, just like me, do not poop gold so don’t need to worry about not living up to our initial success – we haven’t done anything yet. Although your brain may actually feel like you have because you’ve imagined, clearly enough the result, although not likely the process.

Not having enough resources – time, money, space. Serious lies here, really, I kid you not. If you have the following you can accomplish a result: 10-20+ minutes a day (stop surfing the socials, watching crap TV/Internet streams – if you have HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY for that junk YOU HAVE TIME). Money – if there’s a dollar store, thrift store, garage/tag/estate sale, flea market, free junk pickup day, freecycle, nextdoor, patch, random found stuff during a walk, monetary need is negligible – force yourself to use what’s at hand instead of insisting on the best of the best if you haven’t gained skills. That said, as you learn, quality of material will matter, but not so much at the beginning. Space – If you can carve out a 12″ pizza box size area, and store your supplies in the same pizza box, you have space. Most beginner and even some intermediate projects do not have to be epic in scale, we’re not carving Athena or David after all – you wouldn’t be here if you were.

Lack of inspiration: Inspiration is everywhere – all the images, videos, music, art, tutorials online, a walk around the neighborhood, a visit to a garden, hike in nature, convo with a friend, interview with artists, old projects needing to be finished – finish one or all for a boost in confidence and inspiration, as well as honing skills. Randomly pick a color and gather or create objects in that color and make some random object. You don’t have to keep it, it’s just to get the juices flowing.

This is a small list, but I’m pretty sure it’s an effective list if you tough love yourself and step it up. So, THERE, procrastination be GONE!